County employees usually get at least one day in the sun if they work in county government long enough, and, on Thursday, Dec. 17, Guilford County Clerk to the Board Robin Keller finally got her day in the sun. 

On Thursday night, Keller was – to the surprise of many county watchers– named interim Guilford County manager.

 She will actually have more than a day – about two weeks, if fact – because Keller is slated to serve until the new Guilford County Manager Michael Halford takes that job.  That date is still up in the air but it’s expected to be near the start of the New Year.

The Board of Commissioners made the move late Thursday night after accepting the resignation of former Guilford County Manager Marty Lawing. 

Before the board named Keller interim county manager, some who knew of Lawing’s coming departure anticipated that the board might name Guilford County Deputy Manager Clarence Grier or Guilford County Attorney Mark Payne to the temporary job that will end as soon as Halford can wrap things up in Gaston County – where Halford now serves as one of two assistant county managers.

Keller said right after the meeting that she has no plans to make any changes or big moves in Guilford County government during her brief stint as manager – which, by the way, will look terrific on her resume.

“It’s Christmas, so…” Keller said.

The last two weeks of the year are usually completely dead in Guilford County government – however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there could be important decisions that need to be made before Halford arrives to take over at the first of the year or soon after.

Keller, who has worked for Guilford County since about 2002 – including some time in the Guilford County Attorney’s Office – has served as the clerk to the Board of Commissioners for about six years.  In that time, the board has given her more and more authority by adding positions to her office, such as an additional assistant and public relations specialist, and by handing her special projects.