A lot of people in Guilford County were disappointed when former Sheriff BJ Barnes lost his bid for reelection four years ago.

However, that loss has given Barnes a chance to work on a project that he’d been wanting to tackle for a long time: write a trilogy of crime novels.  This week, Barnes is letting everyone know that the third and final book of that trilogy is now complete.

The book, “Garbage Detail,” is the third in the former sheriff’s “Defender” trilogy.

They say you should write what you know and Barnes has certainly been doing that.  Part of the Trilogy takes place at Sunset Beach – which Barnes knows well – and it involves fighting crime, a subject he also knows inside and out.

Barnes had been banned from Facebook, however, in an email blast this week, he let people know that the book was now available on Amazon.

The promotional material notes that the first two books in the trilogy – “Sunrise at Sunset” and “The Garbage Man” – found Sheriff TJ Slone and an elite “Special Ops” team trying to save the world from a virus made in China and being distributed by a Mexican drug cartel.

The new book continues that story.

“Slone and his team find themselves not only fighting a radical Jihadist and a drug/human trafficker but their own government,” the description reads. “The book is not only based on what could be happening in today’s America, but in reality, probably is. In ‘The Garbage Detail’ the action doesn’t stop but hopefully the threat will. This is a story that should concern us all because it very easily could be real.”

Barnes and his wife Dena now spend their time split between Sunset Beach and Summerfield (where they have each served as mayor).  However, Barnes said that, with the book complete, he’s going to remain in Summerfield until after the Tuesday, May 17 election.  He said he’s working to help Guilford County get a Republican sheriff this year.