One of the most liked former Guilford County Commissioners – former District 8 Commissioner Ray Trapp – got some very good news this week after undergoing cancer surgery four months ago.

Trapp stepped down as a Guilford County commissioner in 2017 to take a job at North Carolina A&T State University to act as a liaison between the school and state and local governments.  In 2021, he took a new job with the Research Triangle Foundation – the steward organization of Research Triangle Park that promotes economic development in the park.

At that time, he moved to Durham in what was considered a big talent loss for Greensboro.

Trapp went to see his doctor due to back pain early this summer, and, after a series of tests and a scary cancer diagnosis, a team came together at Duke and, on Thursday, June 30, Trapp underwent surgery at Duke Medical Center that included the removal of his entire left kidney.

In early July, after he had surgery, Trapp posted on Facebook that, “Normally this might be a very private matter, but I believe my experience might help others.”

This week after doctors found no recurring cancer, Trapp was greatly relieved and thankful.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever been this anxious, nervous, scared as hell, terrified or any other adjectives that describe fear,” he posted on Facebook.  “To all cancer warriors and caregivers, this day hits us the same…it’s either good news or it’s time to dig down and find the strength to fight a little harder.”

Trapp also thanked his caregiver for always being there for him.

“I’m blessed that it was good news and 4 months post-surgery no reoccurring cancer and positive response to treatment,” he added.

He concluded his post: “Praise GOD”