Ten candidates had filed to run for the Greensboro City Council as of noon on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

Filing for the City Council races and the statewide 2022 election opened on Monday, Dec. 6 at noon, and usually the first day of filing is the busiest.  But the official announcement that Toyota Battery Manufacturing Inc. was coming to the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite was at 2 p.m. on Monday.  So many of those planning to file to run for office were at the megasite in Randolph County on Monday afternoon, rather than at the Guilford County Board of Elections in downtown Greensboro.

In an election year where nothing has been normal, it seems fitting that even the first day of filing was not what it usually is.

So far one candidate, District 3 City Councilmember Justin Outling, has filed to run for mayor.

Four candidates have filed for the three at-large seats on the City Council.  In the at-large race, the top six candidates in the March 8 primary will be on the ballot for the general election, and the top three in the general election will be elected to the City Council.  It is a rare political race where a candidate can finish sixth and third and win.

The candidates who have filed to run in the at-large race as of noon Wednesday, Dec. 8 are Linda Wilson of 2402 Philadelphia Lake Ct., Katie Rossabi of 109 Kemp Road East, Tracy Furman of 412 N. Cedar St. and Taffy L. Buchanan of 715 Woodlake Dr.

One candidate, Felton Foushee of 1204 Fargo Trail, has filed to run for the District 1 City Council race.

Two candidates have filed to run in the District 2 City Council race.  They are Portia Shipman of 401 Bennett St. and Latoya Bernice Gathers of 1412 Lankford St.

And two candidates have filed to run for the District 3 City Council race, Chip Roth of 27 Rosebay Lane and Zack Matheny of 3510 Primrose Ave.