The February One-Westin Hotel parking deck has been a long time coming, but according to the construction schedule the deck is set to be completed in December.

According to the schedule provided by the Greensboro Department of Transportation dated July 14, 2023, the final punch list items will be completed on Dec. 26, 2023.

The Greensboro City Council approved spending up to $30 million on the February One-Westin Hotel parking deck in December 2017.  At the same time it approved spending $30 million on the North Eugene Street parking deck.

The North Eugene Street parking deck, which is across Bellemeade Street from First National Bank Field, the home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, opened in early 2021.

The construction of the February One-Westin Hotel parking deck was initially held up by a lawsuit filed by Rocky Scarfone over the loss of access to the back of the N Club on South Elm Street.  The city valued the easements owned by Scarfone at $55,000 but in settling the lawsuit paid Scarfone close to $1 million and agreed to provide a new easement to the back of the N Club building.

After the lawsuit with Scarfone was settled and then resettled, the start of construction was reportedly held up for months by contract negotiations.

And since construction started, the cost has gone up.  In February 2023, with little discussion, the City Council allocated an additional $5.8 million for construction of the parking deck, raising the city’s cost to about $43 million for the parking deck that originally was going to cost $30 million.

According to one source familiar with the project, if the deck is finished late this year, only a portion of it will be available for parking. The plan calls for a Westin Hotel to be built over the portion of the parking deck south of February One Place, and while that construction is taking place, the southern portion of the deck would not be available for parking since it would be an active construction site.