The City Council met for almost eight hours on Tuesday, Oct. 21, so there were some discussions that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

However, the award for the dumbest question of the night has to be given to Councilmember Sharon Hightower, who admitted at the time it was a dumb question.

The City Council was considering the annexation and original zoning for 37 acres on Marshall Smith Road.

After the staff presentation, which goes over the details of the land to be annexed into the city and the original zoning request and included drone footage of the site, Hightower said, “Madam Mayor, I have a question. It’s a dumb question. Is this in the city?”

The unflappable Greensboro Planning Manager Mike Kirkman said, “It is currently not in the city. Part of the request tonight is to annex the property into the city.”

Hightower then asked, “How many miles is it from the city limits?”

Kirkman told her that it was adjacent to the city limits, as was noted in the staff report.

The request to annex the 37 acres and zone it Conditional District- Residential Multi-Family-18 (CD-RM-18) had been continued from the September meeting in order to give the developer and the neighbors more time to work out an agreement, and in this case they did.

Tom Terrell of Fox Rothschild, who represented the developer, said that the continuation had worked and praised the opponents for working toward a mutually beneficial goal.

Terrell explained that the developer had placed single-family homes in the new development adjacent to the existing single-family homes in the neighborhood and the townhomes farther away. He also said that they had limited the development to 210 dwelling units when the CD-RM-18 zoning district would have allowed over 600.

Wayne Marshall, representing the opponents, spoke in favor of the annexation and original zoning request, which by all accounts is going to change the nature of the rural community. He said, “It isn’t exactly what we wanted, but we feel this is something the neighborhood can live with.

Marshall said the key was to get the conditions particularly the reduction of the maximum number of dwelling units to 210 in writing.