It’s anybody’s guess what will happen when it comes to the men’s NCAA basketball championship this year, but area basketball fans are starting to think they could be in for what could be the Game of the Century in the state of North Carolina if the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tarheels win two more games each.

That game would pit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke against each other in the Final Four – something that’s never happened before.

In fact, the two teams have never met in the NCAA tournament – something that’s hard to believe given how consistently excellent both teams have been over the last half century.

The NCAA Tournament this year, of course, has the added thrill of being Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s final year of his storied career.  If UNC Coach Hubert Davis, in his very first year as a head coach, beats Coach K in the Duke coach’s final championship run, the aggravation for Duke fans would be even worse.

UNC has already shown this year that the team enjoys raining torrents on K’s exit parade: At Coach K’s final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Tarheels beat the Blue Devils and made the post-game on-court celebration of K’s career extremely awkward.

On the other hand, nothing would be sweeter for Duke fans than for Coach K to win a sixth national championship by beating Carolina along the way. Duke did beat the tar out of the Tarheels this season when the two met in the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill on Saturday, Feb. 5.

Of course, in order for the dream matchup to take place, both UNC and Duke will have to take care of business for two more games.  On Thursday, March 24, Duke will play a hot Texas Tech team at 9:39 p.m.   The following night, UNC will battle UCLA – also with a start time of 9:39.