District 2 City Councilmember Goldie Wells is holding a town hall meeting on Thursday, Oct. 3, at the Greensboro History Museum, 130 Summit Avenue, next door to LeBauer Park.

Wells had announced the day of her town hall meeting several times, with the caveat that the location was to be announced, so now people not only know when to go but where to go.

Wells represents District 2 but usually attracts people from across the city to her town hall meetings. Wells also refuses to allow any person or group to hijack her meetings. She allows everyone to have their say, but doesn’t hesitate to politely and authoritatively inform people who get out of line that she is running the meeting. She reminds them that most of the people in attendance have something to say and the meeting time is limited.

At this meeting there will be a presentation on Participatory Budgeting by the Greensboro Budget and Evaluation Department.

Wells will also ask for feedback on hiring a new police chief. The city has held a number of community meetings to get input on hiring a new police chief, but most of the meetings have been during the day making it difficult for some people to attend.

Wells will also be giving an update on what the City Council is doing and in particular on issues involving District 2.

Wells served as the District 2 councilmember from 2005 to 2009 and then retired. When Jamal Fox resigned from the City Council to move to Portland, Oregon, in July 2017, Wells was appointed to replace him and was then elected to a four year term in 2017.