The proposed 460-acre development that fronts on Guilford College Road just outside of Jamestown has been revised following meetings with neighbors.

Diamondback partner Zach Tran emailed a letter to the neighbors this week that detailed the changes being proposed to the development that will be called Castleton Village, and when fully developed could nearly double the population of Jamestown.

The land, which was owned by the late Ted Johnson who had been the executive director of Piedmont Triad International Airport, is not currently in Jamestown but is in an area designated to be annexed by Jamestown.

One of the issues that the developers are waiting to get settled is whether the Jamestown Town Council will pass a Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning ordinance. The PUD zoning is for major developments that will include a variety of different uses. It allows the developer to meet the overall density and land use goals without being bound by existing zoning requirements. Without the PUD zoning, relatively minor changes in a development plan can require multiple rezoning requests.

The Jamestown Town Council is considering the PUD zoning ordinance, but with most meetings canceled due to the COVID-19 restrictions, when that meeting will be held is unknown.

The changes noted in the letter include moving the proposed commercial development across from the Cedarwood neighborhood and replacing it with a senior living community and a 24-acre park. The only commercial development now proposed would be smaller and on an interior road.

The tract adjacent to the Jordan Creek townhomes, which was going to be professional offices, has been changed to townhomes.

The corner of Guilford College Road and Guilford Road, which originally was designated as an area for professional offices, has been changed to “civic space, meaning that it will be donated to the town for municipal use.”

The apartments have been moved and scaled back from 312 units to 208 units.

And an area has been designated for a farmers’ market.

The letter from Tran states, “We believe that by incorporating your feedback, this has become a better plan. We look forward to presenting it to the town council at the appropriate time.”