The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department – along with many others – got some terrible news this weekend.

Master Corp. Deputy Sheriff Norman Daye passed away on Saturday, Dec. 12 after being treated for coronavirus.

The death comes at a time when Guilford County health officials and other county leaders are expressing extreme concern about the spread of the virus.

Daye, who was a 16-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, died in his home in eastern Guilford County on Saturday.

He had a long career in law enforcement after beginning that career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

In a Sunday press release announcing his death, Sheriff’s Department officials described Daye as “a dedicated and loyal Lawman who had a passion to serve his community.”

Department officials noted that Daye had served in the US Marine Corps and added that he “defined public service and patriotism.”

The release went on to state, “He was well respected among his peers and the law enforcement profession.”

Daye had been treated for Covid-19 at a local hospital before returning home.

The final arrangements for Daye were still pending on Sunday when the department announced his death.

The Sheriff’s Department has been struggling all year to battle the virus and simultaneously provide security to the county. Due to the nature of the work, officers are at a high risk for infection despite new practices regarding traffic stops and added precautions in the handling of suspects and inmates.

In some parts of the country, jails and prisons have become hot beds for coronavirus. However, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has had a good deal of success so far keeping the county’s jails from an outbreak.