Considering the manager’s recommended 2022-2023 budget includes a 30 percent property tax increase, a lot of Greensboro property owners are looking for some tax relief.

District 59 State Rep. Jon Hardister has introduced a local bill in the state House that, if it passes, will bring some tax relief to one property owner.

Greensboro annexes land almost every month, but deannexation doesn’t happen that often.

The bill Hardister sponsored, House Bill 995, would deannex about seven acres owned by the Dooley family on Gary Wilson Road and Bunker Hill Road.

District 5 City Councilmember Tammi Thurm approached Hardister about the possibility of de-annexing the land that is currently in District 5.

According to press release from Hardister, “The land in question belongs to the Dooley family and was part of an annexation process undertaken by the City several years ago when Amazon announced plans to open a fulfillment center on the site. Greensboro annexed the land that was to be operated by Amazon, after the Dooley family sold the land for the development, but the City inadvertently annexed land in which the Dooley family continues to reside on.”

The press release also states that Greensboro has no plans to provide services to the land and has agreed to allow the land to be deannexed.

Hardister said, “Our office is more than happy to assist in this matter.  Land that is not being serviced by a municipality should be subject to deannexation, especially if the property owner and the city are in agreement. I appreciate city officials working with us on this and I am confident we will get it done.”

The bill states that it becomes effective June 30, 2022, and “Property in the territory described in Section 1 of this act as of January 1, 2022 is no longer subject to municipal taxes for taxes imposed for taxable years beginning on or after July 1, 2022.”

So no matter how much the City Council raises property taxes this year, the Dooley family won’t have to pay.  A lot of folks in Greensboro would like to be in their shoes.