The City of High Point is holding its next Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Event on Saturday, Nov. 6.

This will give High Point residents – but no one else – an opportunity to drop off dangerous household items at no charge.  It will also provide High Pointers with the peace of mind of knowing that their dangerous waste will be properly disposed of.

The drop-off event will be at the city’s waste facility at 1401 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and will be open to the public on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This time around, the city is making it crystal clear that it doesn’t want your waste unless you live in High Point.  The announcement states very clearly: “Proof of residency will be required for all disposals.”

Though careless people – in High Point and elsewhere – often just toss hazardous waste into the trash can and hope for the best, here’s a list of things that you really shouldn’t be throwing in the trash, but that will be collected at the event this weekend:

  • Aerosols, batteries, bleach/cleaners, electronics, fire extinguishers, furniture polish, fluorescent bulbs, nail polish/removers
  • Adhesives, gas cylinders, paints, solvents, stains/varnish, strippers/thinners, wood and metal cleaner, wood preservatives
  • Antifreeze, auto batteries, brake fluid, cleaners/degreasers, diesel fuel, gasoline or mixed gas, motor oil and filters, transmission fluid
  • Herbicides, lighter fluid, pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals
  • Electronics and tires (limit of four tires per visitor)

 The city notes that previous events of this type have included document shredding, however this one, on Nov. 6, won’t include that service.

Also, the city notes that disposal is for “household waste only,” not for business waste.

City staff will unload all the waste from your vehicle so all you have to do is load up and drive there.

Also keep in mind that they will not be accepting household garbage or medical waste, even if you’re from High Point.

Residents are asked to have all materials collected in the trunk of their cars or in the bed of their pick-up trucks for easy access and removal by staff.

You can find a comprehensive list of common household items and their proper disposal methods by visiting

If you need more information, you can contact Deputy Public Services Director Robby Stone at 336-883-3217 or at