On Tuesday, March 17, Gov. Roy Cooper mandated that restaurants stop eat-in dining but restaurants are allowed to continue to provide takeout and delivery service, which has resulted in a new “job” for City Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter.

Abuzuaiter, who for years ran Mahi’s Seafood Restaurant on Lawndale Drive, said that she was told about a Facebook page in Louisville, Kentucky, “Louisville Takeout,” that had been successful in getting the word out about restaurants that are offering takeout and delivery services during the coronavirus shut down.

She said she thought it would be a good idea for Greensboro and talked to several people in the restaurant business about getting one started here. She said, “I honestly didn’t want to get involved in something like this but my heart jut breaks for those in the restaurant business.”

So she started the page herself and her new “job” is administrator of the “Greensboro Takeout” Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/149165503014287/

On the Greensboro Takeout Facebook page, Abuzuaiter states: “Covid-19 is severely impacting our local restaurants. Having been in the restaurant business, I wanted to do something for fellow restaurant folks. I am patterning this after one that was started in Louisville, KY. This is for local restaurants who have takeout and/or delivery. The rules are simple:

  • No political posts
  • No criticism or derogatory comments. If you have a complaint, contact the restaurant privately.
  • This is not a competition so please don’t inundate with several posts a day.
  • Contact me directly if you have ideas or concerns.”

Abuzuaiter said that she had found a lot of people didn’t know that their favorite eat-in restaurant also had takeout, or that it now has takeout and/or delivery. She also gave the example of Painted Plate, which was doing catering and events and is now doing takeout.

She said that other restaurants that have done takeout for years have added delivery and that some restaurants had altered their menus to include items like a dinner for four to make it easier for families to order.

Abuzuaiter said, “I’m absolutely overwhelmed that there were that many people wanting to talk about their restaurants or wanting to support local restaurants.”

The page already has over 6,500 members and Abuzuaiter said she hopes to see that grow as the word gets out that this is a source of good information about takeout and delivery in Greensboro.