Almost all of the COVID-19 talk in Guilford County in recent weeks has been about mask mandates and the shortage of testing options.

However, county health officials are continuing to press ahead on the county’s effort to convince those who’ve held off on getting vaccinated to get the shots – since county officials want everyone eligible to get vaccinated.

 Late in 2020, there was a massive effort to get those people off the fence and onto the vaccinated list, and, in recent months, it’s looked more and more as though most of the remaining holdouts are simply not going to get vaccinated no matter what. 

But that won’t stop the county from trying.

Certainly, in the New Year, when it comes to the number of vaccinated in Guilford County, it’s seemed as though the needle was stuck – pun intended.

According to the county’s COVID-19 information dashboard, for people five years of age and older in Guilford County, currently, 67 percent have been vaccinated to some extent, and just over half – 53 percent – are “fully vaccinated.” 

Guilford County Health Director Dr. Iulia Vann said the county is working very hard to reach those 47 percent who haven’t been fully vaccinated, as well as those who have not been vaccinated at all.

“We’re trying our best to continue to do those outreach processes and opportunities,” Vann said.

She said that last week the county sent out mass notification text messages letting people know of a new opportunity for getting vaccinated.  The county has just opened up a new vaccination site at Piedmont Hall at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex.

“We continue to put information on our social media pages,” Vann said, adding that every time she has a chance to put the word out through the local media, she does that as well.

She said the county’s mobile vaccination unit is also getting a whole lot of use. Vann said a lot of community organizations and faith-based organizations have been filling out forms to request a mobile vaccination clinic at their location.

“So, the mobile unit continues to stay really busy with those community clinics out there,” the health director said.

According to Vann, she and other health staff along with other county officials have been brainstorming to come up with “every idea we can” to get the word out that people should get vaccinated – along with the message that the county is making it easy by opening new clinics and offering its mobile unit.