On Thursday, May 20, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is expected to enter into an agreement to pay Aramark Correctional Services $1.6 million and change in the coming fiscal year to feed inmates at the Guilford County jails in Greensboro and High Point, as well as feed the youngsters housed at the county’s juvenile detention center.

The motion coming before the nine county commissioners calls for the board to approve a contract with Aramark – the county’s current food services provider for its detention centers – in the amount of $1,415,280, as well as a contract for the Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center in the amount of $240,943.

The one-year contract will have four one-year renewal options. 

A competing company – Summit Food Service – bid for the contracts.  However, that service submitted a total bid of just over $2 million to feed those in the three facilities.

Sheriff’s Department officials chose to go with Aramark since Summit’s quote was more than $375,000 higher per year than Aramark’s. 

According to the contract, Aramark will also feed Sheriff’s Department staff at the jail and detention centers. It’s interesting but not surprising that the meals for jail staff have an average cost higher than the meals for inmates – though none of the diners are getting meals that cost the same as say, an average dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse or even Village Tavern.

 The contracts call for Aramark to supply 2,470 Inmate meals a day. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner for 823 inmates daily and a total of 901,550 meals for the year. 

Inmate meals come out to $1.36 per inmate tray.

The contract also calls for 140 daily staff meals – one meal per day for jail employees – for a total of 51,100 meals for the year.  That comes to $2.55 per staff tray.

The contract for the juvenile detention center calls for 150 meals a day for those being held, or 54,750 meals for the year at a cost of $3.790 per tray

Staff meals there will average $2.55 per tray – the same as in the two jails.

The Board of Commissioners shut down the Guilford County Prison Farm about seven years ago, however, when that farm housed inmates, they got some of the best meals.  They often ate the extremely fresh food that they had grown on the farm.