Proud Of Our Lieutenant Governor

Dear Editor

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke at the Lincoln-Reagan Annual Dinner last night at Sedgefield Country Club. He gave the most dynamic and inspirational speech that I have ever heard in my life! If you don’t know him, watch one of his speeches on YouTube. You, too, should be very impressed. North Carolina citizens are very fortunate to have him as lieutenant governor and I am proud he is a Greensboro resident.

The Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is an annual Republican fundraiser. Yes, for those that didn’t know, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. President Abraham Lincoln was also responsible for freeing all slaves in America referring to our Constitution that “All Men were created equal.”

This only makes me wonder if all men were created equal and have been recognized as equals for over 150 years, wouldn’t any act of requiring quotas, diversity, subsidies, endowments, and minority contracts for one group and not all be unconstitutional?

Jim Donaldson



Hang On For Mid-Term Elections

Dear Editor,

If there’s any question as to what we’re in for over the next four years under Joe Biden as our president, assuming he actually serves the whole term, then you have spent the last five months with your head in the sand or are on some serious medication.

His first act as president was to shut down a critical infrastructure project, the oil pipeline, which was nearing completion, putting thousands of people out of work with the stroke of his pen. That was followed by a flood of executive orders that put America on a path that could lead to a socialist society left unchallenged. And we are about to go back to being an oil importer after being an exporter for the first time in years.

Next he told invaders along the southern border, “come on in,” during the first 100 days of his term. The result is a flood of illegal aliens with numbers that haven’t been seen in 20 years. And there is no end in sight. He put the vice president in charge of the situation on the border yet she hasn’t visited that border since being elected and as of now has no plan to do so.

The other thing that the (National Socialist) Democrat Party is doing is attempting to do is undermine the education system, trying to quietly take it away from the local level and move to the national level. Additionally they are attempting to take election controls away from the states and put them under national control. Think about that very carefully.

Those are just a few of the things we have to look forward to for the next two to four years. And if, as I believe, Biden is removed as president for whatever reason and Kamala Harris assumes the office, it will all go on steroids.

The only hope we have is to hang on long enough for the midterm elections and for the Republicans/conservatives to regain control of at least one if not both houses of Congress and be able to check these radical leftist projects designed to destroy this great country. But that requires people to get involved, which I believe is happening, considering how many new people I’m seeing at the most recent county GOP meeting wanting to get involved. I believe this is happening across the country and it’s about time.

Stand together or hang separately.

Alan Marshall