The real estate market is hot right now and Guilford County owns one of the most sought-after pieces of property in the county – and there are a lot of potential buyers who would like nothing more than to see it go on the market soon.

The property is the site of the old Guilford County Animal Shelter and the sale of the land it sits on is a distinct possibility.

Since the Guilford County government has built a brand new animal shelter at 980 Guilford College Road and moved the animals there, the county now has the unused piece of property at 4525 West Wendover Avenue just south of I-40.

When the county built the shelter out there years ago, there was almost nothing there and the ragged road that ran by it wasn’t much to speak of either.  However, now the site is in the Bridford Parkway area, which is jam-packed with commerce.

The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is only beginning to address the matter but already there’s a common feeling among many county leaders that Guilford County should take the money and run.

“My initial inclination would be to sell it,” stated Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad this week.

“If that area isn’t the hottest spot for real estate in Guilford County, it’s certainly one of them,” he said of the land on Wendover.

Conrad added that the Humane Society of the Piedmont is still using part of that property, and he said any moves the county makes should be made in consultation with the Humane Society – though not be directed by it.

Over the years, Guilford County Facilities directors have been approached by business owners who wanted to buy the property if and when the shelter moved, which happened last fall.

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston, who’s a real estate agent and developer, said the property is indeed very attractive to some buyers.  Like Conrad, Alston said his initial thought is that it would serve a higher purpose as a commercial property rather than a county one.  That would mean selling it.

“The frontage is the main thing,” Alston said of the attractiveness of the land on busy Wendover Avenue.

Alston said that he would be discussing the matter with Guilford County manager Mike Halford to help ascertain what should be done with the property.

Conrad, a Republican commissioner, said that with the huge county budget that Alston and other Democratic commissioners just passed, Guilford county is certainly going to need to find more money somewhere.