At the end of most Greensboro City Council meetings, councilmembers are given a few minutes to speak about whatever they want.

Since The Tanger Center for the Performing Arts opened on Sept. 2, about 18 months after the grand opening scheduled for March 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, The Tanger Center has figured prominently in these comments.

However, at the Oct. 19 City Council meeting, Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann used her time to go talk about some quick calculations on the economic impact The Tanger Center is having on downtown Greensboro.

Hoffmann said that when she talked to the group of eight in front of her at the performance of Wicked on Thursday night, she found out that three couples were from Burlington and one was from Roanoke.  She said they told her that had dinner downtown before the show and then walked over to The Tanger Center.

Hoffmann said, “It just struck me so strongly again that much of our thinking in terms of our planning since 2012 was that it was very important from an economic development point of view that that performing arts center be downtown and this was a perfect example.”

Hoffmann added, “I just did a quick calculation and over the two-and-a-half or nearly three week run of these Broadway productions, let’s say you have 20 or 21 performances and those are all sold out, so you’ve got 3,000 people there for the matinees and each of the night performances.  So you’re talking about 60,000 people pouring into downtown Greensboro for all those shows.”

Hoffmann said, “It really shows the economic development impact that the center is having and will continue to have for the City of Greensboro.”

She said, “Our thinking and rationale for what we did was right on.”

And she added, “Now we need more restaurants downtown.”