The City Council may be in for a surprise when the Windsor Chavis Nocho Community Complex is put out for bid.

When asked about the increase in construction costs since the design of the project was funded in 2016, Parks and Recreation Division Manager for Planning and Project Development Shawna Tillery said that the design team had built in a “cushion” for the anticipated increase in construction costs and the team was confident that the project would stay within the $65 million construction budget.

From 2020 to 2021, the cost of milled steel products more than doubled – increasing by 127 percent according to the Association of General Contractors of America. This type of drastic increase in the price of construction materials was not anticipated by many in the construction industry and has caused issues for other construction projects planned before constructions costs went through the roof.

Guilford County Schools, for instance, is scaling back projects because of the massive increase in construction costs since the voters passed a total of $2 billion in school bonds in 2020 and 2022.

Tillery said that some additional money was freed up for the project by taking the $2.4 million for a pedestrian tunnel connection out of the project and funding that with transportation money that raises the total project cost from an estimated $75 million to $77.4 million.

Tillery said that this would be a unified facility, combining the outdoor and indoor portions of the project, with aquatics being a key component.

She said, “This is where you’re not going to have a recreation center on one side and a library on the other.”

From the graphics, it appears the design has the aquatic facility at the front of the building, library type uses in the middle and the gym and weight room in the back. A reading area, lounge area, cafe and computers are placed in the open lobby type area between the aquatic center and the gym.

Most of the library type facilities appear to be on the second floor, along with a dance/fitness classroom, a track around the gym, study areas and a quiet reading area.