The Greensboro City Council is holding a work session on Thursday, Jan. 25 and the status of the old Regency Inn property is included in the presentation on housing policy initiatives.

The presentation on the “Status of Regency Development Site” states:

“• City project is not affected by Step Up development partner issues in other areas

“• Rising costs and interest rates have pushed per unit rehab costs close to new construction

“• Site has capacity of additional and better quality units if changed to new construction development

“• Downside is the additional time necessary for new construction”

While all the discussion appears to be about Step Up On Second taking over the site, the property is currently owned by Partnership Homes.  The city’s original partner in the development of this site.

City Councilmember Zack Matheny, who talks about the need for the city to start taking action to deal with the homeless population in the city at nearly every City Council meeting, sent a number of questions about the old Regency Inn site by email earlier in the week to Director of the Housing and Neighborhood Development Michelle Kennedy, fellow members of the City Council and other city staff.

One of Matheny’s questions was, “How many days has the city had $3 million invested in the Regency Inn since the beginning? As a follow up, how many days has the property housed the unsheltered and how many days has it sat empty?”

Kennedy responded, “Deed was recorded on November 19, 2021. It opened less than two weeks later for winter shelter. Two seasons of winter shelter were provided on site spanning the months of November to March each year. In 2023, we ran an extension period through May.”

Matheny responded, “That does not answer the question. Will you please let us know how many days the property was in operation and thus how many days it has remained empty.”