The Greensboro City Council scheduled a special meeting on Thursday, July 2 to approve an economic incentive.

It appears the original purpose of the meeting will be overshadowed by the City Council decision to also pass a resolution in support of “8 Can’t Wait” and to possibly incorporate some of those initiatives into city policy.

But the original reason for the meeting is to help bring bowling to downtown Greensboro. And to paraphrase the infamous ad campaign – This is not your father’s bowling alley.

Bourbon Bowl, being built by Paul Talley at 531 and 515 South Elm St., is a six-lane bowling alley with an upscale bar, restaurant and outdoor patio. The site is on the corner of South Elm Street and Lewis Street where for years used appliances have been sold, often with many of those used appliances outside.

This will be Talley’s third venue of this type. Stone Pin Co. in Greenville, SC, was named “The 2017 Best New Bowling Center in the Country” by Talley also recently opened Underpin Lane-N-Lounge in Spartanburg, SC.

According to the resolution approving the $80,000 economic incentive, the investment in the property by Double G. Properties LLC must total at least $3.6 million and create 20 new full-time and 35 part-time jobs. The grant is specifically to assist with “enhancements to the outdoor patio space at 535 South Elm Street, property which the City Council finds will have a significant effect on the commercial prospects, new employment, and revitalization of the Central Business District.”

According to a study titled “Retail Strategies for Downtown Greensboro” done by UNCG, a consumer poll indicated there needs to be more for people in their 20s and 30s to do downtown. The study states, “One opportunity for a relatively low-cost entertainment activity is bowling – increasingly popular in hip downtowns. In particular ‘boutique’ bowling alleys are increasingly popular.”

It sounds like it was written about Bourbon Bowl, which is certainly going to be a boutique bowling alley.