The Greensboro City Council spent a good bit of time developing a new “city vision” and new priorities at the two-day work session at Revolution Mill on Thursday, Feb. 2 and Friday, Feb. 3.

The brand new “city vision” is: “Greensboro will be a community with endless economic opportunities and an exceptional quality of life.”

The priorities are:

“1. Safest city

“2. Most skilled workforce (in targeted industries)

“3. Youth Sports capital in the SE

“4. Easiest place to do business

“5. Most connected city

“6. Entertainment and recreation hub (amenitized)

“7. Adequate supply of attainable housing options”

After it appeared the City Council was finished with it list of priorities with six, City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba asked, “Which of these six items address homelessness and affordable housing.”

Before the meeting, the City Council had often listed having an adequate supply of affordable housing as its top priority, but as Jaiyeoba noted, it was entirely left off the list of priorities the City Council was about to approve.

At that point the City Council decided to have seven priorities.  Councilmember Sharon Hightower said, “Seven is the number of completion.”

So, the City Council decided to have seven priorities rather than six, and number seven started out as “Ample attainable housing.”  That became “Abundant attainable housing.” Then “adequate,” “accessible” and “plentiful” were considered instead of “abundant.”

And that became, “Array of obtainable housing options.”

Finally Councilmember Tammi Thurm suggested, “An adequate supply of attainable housing options.”  After some discussion the decision was made to drop the “An” and the City Council had its six priorities plus one.

Jaiyeoba said, “I can definitely see if this is what we agree on to have a framed picture of this in every city facility so that every city employee knows that this is what is expected of them a City of Greensboro employee.”