The City of Greensboro is facing a few urgent problems.

The number of homicides in the city is on track to reach an all time high.  There is a housing shortage, and with the economic development coming to the area that is going to get worse.  Related to the housing shortage are the issues with the ever growing homeless population. This is just to name a few.

No items related to those or other current issues were on the agenda for the Thursday, Sept. 28 City Council meeting. However, one of City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba’s pet projects is.

The project is a five-year “Strategic Framework” for Greensboro. The planning for the strategic plan began in 2022, according to the report, and should be completed early in 2024.

The City Council spent a considerable amount of the annual two-day retreat in February on the “Strategic Framework.” But the presentation begins by asking the question, “What is a Strategic Framework?” The answer is that it is “not another plan.”

What the City Council has done so far to complete the “Strategic Framework” is to agree on a vision statement and seven priorities.

The vision statement is, “Greensboro will be a community with endless economic opportunities and exceptional quality of life.”

The priorities according to the presentation are: “Safest City, Most Skilled Workforce, Youth Sports Capital, Easiest Place to Do Business, Hub of Recreation & Entertainment, Abundance of Affordable Housing.”

The purpose of the five-year strategic plan is to “equitably implement the 7 priorities identified by City Council,” and six city staff members have been working on how to do that.

The first draft of the “Strategic Framework” was submitted to Jaiyeoba back in April, for him to ensure equity and clarify the audience and stakeholders.

The recent city survey was part of the strategic plan planning process.

According to the presentation, the City Council will adopt the five-year Strategic Framework in February 2024.