North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed another bill passed by the North Carolina legislature with bipartisan support.

This bill was to allow gyms and fitness centers and bars to open under similar restrictions to restaurants, breweries, distilleries and wineries that Cooper allowed to open under Executive Order 141.

This is the second bill passed by the state legislature in an attempt to give some relief to businesses that have been closed by Cooper’s numerous executive orders since the end of March that Cooper has vetoed.

There is a third bill on Cooper’s desk passed by the legislature that would open bowling alleys and skating rinks.

In a press release, Sen. Rick Gunn (R-Alamance) said, “On the same day attorneys argued in court that Gov. Cooper’s different treatment of bars and restaurants is inexplicable, Gov. Cooper vetoed this economic lifeline for thousands of businesses across North Carolina. Our state is one of only four that has not reopened gyms and fitness centers. Why did he walk with protesters without a mask on, but prohibits everyday citizens from using an elliptical machine at a gym. Why is it safe to have a drink outside at a restaurant, but it’s dangerous to have a drink outside at a bar? Gov. Cooper needs to release the science behind the apparent contradictions.”

Gunn represents all of Alamance County and the eastern part of Guilford County including portions of Greensboro.

State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) issued a press release that noted that House Bill 594 vetoed by Cooper had a 15-point plan for gyms, health clubs and fitness centers to operate safely.

The press release states that the bill vetoed by Cooper “treats all beverage and dining service establishments the same and allows them to operate at 50% of total capacity.”

Moore said, “Once again, the Governor shows that he prioritizes his own power over the livelihoods of responsible small business owners and families across North Carolina.”