The state has been ruled by Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive orders since March, but the latest, Executive Order No. 183, plows new ground.

Previous executive orders have required everyone to stay in their homes, closed nonessential businesses, set limits on gatherings, required people in the state to wear masks even in their own homes and generally restricted activity.

Executive Order No. 183 relaxes the laws concerning alcoholic beverage sales.

By Executive Order No. 183, Cooper has made it legal for a bar, restaurant or any business that legally sells mixed drinks to sell mixed drinks to go or have them delivered.

So if you decide a martini from your favorite bartender is just what you need, you no longer have to travel to the bar, wait outside because inside service is still prohibited, place your order and stay on the establishment’s premises to drink it.

You can go to the bar and order a mixed drink to go or call and have it delivered to your door.  Drinks that are delivered have to be paid for in advance, although it is legal to tip.

There is a whole list of regulations that go along with it.  For example, if you decided two martinis is what you need then you have to order twice or have someone else order one for you.  The limit on to go or delivery drinks is one per customer.  However, the executive order notes that nothing prevents multiple people at the same location from each ordering a mixed beverage to be delivered.  Of course, proof of age and all the normal restrictions on selling alcoholic beverages apply.

And while bars and restaurants now have to stop serving at 9 p.m., they can keep serving to go drinks until 2 a.m.

The drinks have to be sealed in a container that it cannot be opened without breaking the seal and the executive order makes it legal to transport such sealed containers in a vehicle. 

The to go alcohol sales executive order is in effect from Dec. 21 to Jan. 31, unless like many other executive orders it is extended.