The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is making changes to the Behavioral Health Center Oversight Board as well as to its by-laws.

That board oversees the operations of the county’s new behavioral health center, which works – along with a number of community partners – to combat mental illness, drug abuse and other behavioral problems in Guilford County.

The commissioners are scheduled to approve the changes at their Thursday, June 15 meeting.

Guilford County staff reviewed existing by-laws and recommended the following changes:

(1) Bringing down the size of the behavioral health center board.  The Guilford County Board of Commissioners used to have eleven members – but a lot of people thought that was too many, and now that board has only nine members.  Likewise, the commissioners are reducing the total number of members on the behavioral health board from eleven to eight.

(2) Making it so that the chair and vice chair of the behavioral health board are nominated by the chair of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners from among the county commissioners.

(3) The county commissioners will also make the county’s Health and Human Services Director the permanent secretary for the behavioral health center board.

(4) The commissioners are establishing two new subcommittees – one for “Data Metrics and Performance” and another for Community Engagement and Awareness.

There will also be some other organizational changes in the by-laws, such as “updating the order of some articles and sections for clarity.”

County staff has recommended that all these changes be effective immediately upon approval by the Board of Commissioners.