Democratic Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion is legendary for showing up at events all over Guilford County – as well as for serving on state and national county-oriented committees.

In fact, Cashion is so active in community affairs that it often seems like she’s able to appear at three or four events simultaneously.

Whether she’s using body doubles or not is anyone’s guess but, whatever the case, that unrelenting community ubiquity seems to have certainly helped her out on Tuesday, Nov. 8, when she defeated former Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson for the nine-member board’s only at-large seat.

When all of Guilford County’s 165 precincts had reported, Cashion had garnered 58 percent of the vote to Branson’s 42 percent.  Cashion ran as a big supporter of school spending, while Branson served as a frugal conservative with a tight grip on the county’s purse strings – and he ran his 2022 at-large race promising to bring some of that conservatism back to the current Board of Commissioners.

However, after the November 8 election, the board is still controlled by Democrats and will continue to be for at least two more years.

Cashion was getting her face out in front of voters all day long on November 8.

“I was at a lot of places and I talked to a whole lot of people,” Cashion said.

In the morning on Election Day, she cast her ballot at Peace United Church of Christ in Greensboro and then continued to work the polls there before hitting a long string of other sites.

After a hard day of campaigning, she went to dinner at Green Valley Grill, where a supporter came up to her and told her he’d just voted for her.

Cashion is a Democrat. However, she is without a doubt the “centrist” county commissioner on the board and has been for years.   While it’s often very easy to tell which way a county commissioner will vote even before an issue is debated, Cashion always asks a lot of questions and is never afraid to vote the way she thinks best – even if that vote is unpopular with her fellow rock-solid block of Democrats on the board.