In February, Democratic Commissioner Frankie Jones was selected by the Guilford County Democratic party to fill the vacant seat of longtime District 7 Commissioner Carolyn Coleman who passed away in early 2022.

The people who live in that district must like the job that Jones has been doing – on Tuesday, Nov. 8, nearly 80 percent of the District 7 voters cast a vote for Jones over Republican challenger Kenny Abbe.

Late Tuesday night, after all 17 precincts in that district had been tallied, Jones said he wanted to thank his opponent for the positive tone of the race.

“Kenny ran a good clean campaign,” Jones said, adding that he and Abbe had enjoyed a very cordial conversation that night.

Jones said he believes one reason he came out on top was due to a lot of support from his fellow Democrats on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners – and he proceeded to name them.

One reason Jones was selected to fill Coleman’s seat in February was because Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston is a big fan of Jones and his work in the community.  Alston said that he was very pleased with the job Jones was doing on the board and Alston added that Jones’ constituents obviously felt that way as well.

Jones was working hard to collect votes right up until the polls closed. He said he hit 14 of the 17 precincts in his district on Election Day.

Jones also said that the Democratic majority Board of Commissioners had accomplished a lot in recent years – such as being instrumental in getting the county’s school system a good deal of money to build new schools and repair old ones.

Jones said that, in the coming four years as the District 7 commissioner, the board needs to help see that that money is put to good use.

“We need to actually get the schools built,” Jones said.

He added that other key areas of emphasis for him in his new four-year term as county commissioner will be bringing high paying jobs to Guilford County and helping establish more affordable housing in the current inflationary environment.