The Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women held its final meeting of 2019, on Tuesday, Nov, 26 at the Cultural Arts Center, but it would be misleading to say that a great deal was accomplished.

Two votes were taken to approve the minutes of previous meetings and to adjourn. The members of the commission read the minutes for the past two months at the meeting before approving them.

The Commission on the Status of Women, chaired by Joyce Morant, is part of the Human Relations Department, and Human Relations Department Director Love Jones gave a report that in a large part focused on the reasons that the commission should hold some of its future meetings at the Historic Magnolia House.

Commissioner Wendee Cutler asked, “Are they donating the meeting space to us?”

Jones said that there would be no charge.

Cutler then asked about parking.

Jones said, “Parking is a bit of a challenge.” She explained that only on-street parking was available.

Jones also announced that the tickets for the Martin Luther King Day breakfast, which she described as the department’s “largest event of the year,” would go on sale Dec. 9 and that a table would be reserved for the members of the commission.

There were some committee reports but no action was necessary.

The commission briefly discussed approving the orientation manual, a topic that, according to the minutes, the commission also discussed in September and decided to postpone for a month. The commission decided to postpone action on the orientation manual until January.

The stated mission of the commission is “To improve the quality of life for women in Greensboro.”

The current mayor of Greensboro Nancy Vaughan and seven of the eight city councilmembers are women.