If you were planning all summer to borrow some tools from the city to complete a project around your house, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, you’re running out of time.

The City of Greensboro’s Neighborhood Toolbox program is taking a break beginning Wednesday, Oct. 25, with the tentative reopening date of Friday, March 1, 2024.

Fortunately, for true procrastinators, Oct. 25 is the last date you can borrow tools and they must be returned to the city by Tuesday, Oct. 31, also known as Halloween.

The Community Tool Lending Program was launched in May as a way to provide tools for Greensboro residents to do light repairs and landscaping around their homes.  The tools are provided free to people who can provide proof that they live in the City of Greensboro, and tools are not available for commercial jobs or for landlords to work on their rental property.  People who are physically unable to pick up tools can apply to have them delivered.

Some of the tools that the city provides through this program are:

  • push mowers
  • battery string trimmers
  • electric pressure washers
  • wheel barrows
  • a variety of shovels
  • hoes
  • rakes
  • manual post hole digger
  • sledge hammers
  • shop vacuums
  • garden hoses
  • plumbing drain snakes
  • wrecking bars and pry bars
  • cultivators
  • pruners and garden shears
  • easy reach grabbers

While the program is closing down for the winter on Oct. 25, neighborhood groups with specific projects or events scheduled for between Oct. 25 and March 1, can contact the neighborhood toolbox staff to plead their case. According to the press release, those requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

Between now and March 1, the toolbox staff will be spending time taking inventory of tools and equipment, replacing parts, making repairs and performing necessary maintenance to get everything ready for next spring.

To find out more about the program, you can visit: www.greensboro-nc.gov/Toolbox