The City of Greensboro is not writing parking tickets for vehicles parked at expired meters downtown.

This policy went into effect with the original stay-at-home executive order by Gov. Roy Cooper in the spring.

However, for some reason the city parking enforcement office doesn’t want people to know that it is not handing out tickets.

The person who answers the phone at the Parking Enforcement Division would not answer the question about whether the parking enforcement officers were writing parking tickets for expired meters or not. She said they were “monitoring” downtown parking, which could have a lot of different meanings.

The supervisor in the Parking Enforcement Division, Walter Jordon, said that questions about parking enforcement should be referred to the chief of police.

Parking enforcement is part of the Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT), not the Police Department.

GDOT Director Hanna Cockburn was more than willing to answer questions about the current state of parking enforcement and confirmed that the Parking Enforcement Division employees are part of the GDOT and not the Police Department.

When asked if the city was writing tickets for expired meters Cockburn said, “No, we are not.”

She also said that people were not expected to put money in the meters, since enforcement of expired meters had been suspended.

Cockburn said, “We are continuing to send enforcement staff out to make sure that operations are safe and to make sure that people have safe access to the streets.”

She said that the decision was made not to enforce parking regulations because, “We recognize the current situation is impacting the way people need to use the streets.”

Cockburn said that tickets were being written for people who were “clearly blocking the street” and that the Police Department was writing tickets for parking in handicapped zones.

Cockburn said that there had been a lot of discussion about when to resume writing parking tickets for expired meters and other such offenses, and although everything is constantly changing there was currently no intent to resume writing tickets during Phase 2 of the governor’s reopening plan.

She said, “We are tying the on-street enforcement to Phase 3 of the governor’s plan.”

Cockburn also said that before parking enforcement was reinstated, public announcements would be made and downtown partners such as Downtown Greensboro Inc. would be contacted to help get the word out.

It’s a little odd that the city has not given more public notice of the no-ticket policy, but Cockburn said with all the other announcements that have been made in the past months, the no-parking ticket policy announcement didn’t get much notice.