The City of Greensboro loves building sidewalks, digging up roads and replacing water lines – and now there’s a new project on the way that will mean the overhaul and improvement of over 30 pedestrian intersections around the city.

The new project will consist of – depending on the intersection involved – pedestrian traffic signal additions and upgrades, better signage and crosswalk markings, and modifications of curb ramps.

The City of Greensboro is currently conducting environmental and engineering studies for 31 pedestrian signal improvements.

The main goal of the project is to enhance pedestrian safety at the intersections being revamped.

According to city officials, most of the affected intersections will receive electronic pedestrian signals activated by push buttons, as well as crosswalks that connect to existing sidewalk networks.

The actual renovations are expected to begin in 2025.

Here’s a list the city released of intersections that will be getting the makeovers:

Brightwood School Road at Lees Chapel Road

East Bessemer Avenue at Huffman Street

East Bessemer Avenue at Winston Street

East Bessemer Avenue at Yanceyville Street

East Cone Blvd at Yanceyville Street

East Cornwallis Drive at Yanceyville Street

East Lindsay Street at East Bessemer Avenue

Lees Chapel Road at Yanceyville Street

Martinsville Road at Pisgah Church Road

North Church Street at Lees Chapel Road/Pisgah Church Road

North Elm Street at Pisgah Church Road

North English Street at Phillips Avenue

Pinedale Road/N Holden Road at Benjamin Parkway

Pisgah Place at Pisgah Church Road

Randleman Road at I-40 EB Off-Ramp

Randleman Road at I-40 WB On-Ramp

Randleman Road at I-85 Business NB Ramps

Rankin Road at Yanceyville Street

S English Street at McConnell Road

Sixteenth Street at Yanceyville Street

Textile Drive at Yanceyville Street

West Friendly Avenue at Chimney Rock Road

West Friendly Avenue at Friendway Road/Coble Farm Drive

West Friendly Avenue at King George Drive

West Friendly Avenue at Old Friendly Road

West Friendly Avenue at Stage Coach Trail

West Friendly Avenue at Urban Loop (I-73/I-840)

West Market Street at Montrose Drive

West Market Street at Norwalk Street

West Market Street at Westgate Drive

Willoughby Blvd at Pisgah Church Road

If you have comments or suggestions, or you know of any particularly dangerous pedestrian crosswalk areas that the city should address, you can submit your comments on aspects of the crosswalk enhancement project through Friday, May 10.

Comments can be directed to Transportation Engineering Manager Chris Spencer at 336-433-7218.