Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Greensboro City Councilmember Goldie Wells are inviting everyone in the local community to take time out of their busy day and do something unique on November 21: Stop whatever you’re doing at noon and pause to reflect on the need for peace in the city.

The city leaders stated in a Thursday, Nov. 16 press release that the entire day of Tuesday, Nov. 21 should be a citywide “Day of Prayer or Reflection in response to the increase in homicides and gun violence this calendar year.”

Gun violence has become an increasing problem in Greensboro, High Point and Guilford County in recent years, and city leaders have attempted a number of solutions with only limited success; so perhaps community prayer will help where other methods have not.

“At noon on Tuesday, November 21, the community is asked to pause,” the request from the city reads,  “This is an opportunity to pray or reflect on the need for peace and call for an end to the senseless violence plaguing our city.”

The mayor, who recently happened to be on a police ride along the night two women were injured in a shooting at the Electric Tequila bar on Battleground Avenue, has had gun violence on her mind a great deal in recent years and recent months.

“If you are in the checkout line at a grocery store, in your workplace, walking along a trail, sitting in traffic…no matter where you are at 12 p.m., please join this collective act to reflect on the 65 lives lost thus far in Greensboro this year,” Vaughan said.

Wells, who represents City Council District 2, said she’ll observe the Day of Prayer or Reflection at her home church – Wells Memorial Church of God at 1001 E. Washington St. in Greensboro.

The November 16 press release also reminds the public that the motto of the Greensboro Police Department is ‘Partnering to Make Greensboro Safe for All People’ and the release offers this reminder: “If you see something, say something. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility.”