Despite what may be reported elsewhere, the City of Greensboro has allocated all of the $59.4 million it received in American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds.

The Greensboro City Council voted to dump all the ARP funds into the city’s general fund to cover loss of revenue and additional expenses the city had due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

At the Tuesday, Sept. 20 meeting, the City Council voted to allocate $2.3 million “for community project requests.”  According to the agenda, this is money “made available by the American Rescue Plan.”

But technically it is not ARP money because all the ARP money has been allocated.

The City Council voted to place all the ARP funds in the general fund and then allocate the same amount of money from the general fund for projects that it considers funded by ARP.

One result of this accounting method is that the city is no longer required to meet the federal guidelines for spending ARP funds, since the ARP funds have already been allocated. It allows the City Council to designate funding for a project that does not meet the federal guidelines as an ARP project, because the funding is actually coming from the city’s general fund and not from the ARP funds, which have federal guidelines on how the money can be spent.

The projects that the City Council voted to fund with “funds made available by the American Rescue Plan,” include:

$56,0000 for Sanctuary House

$460,000 for Reading Connections

$1 million for the YMCA of Greensboro

$50,000 for the Black Suit Initiative

$53,000 for Level Up Parenting

$138,000 for Guilford Child Development

$50,000 for I am a Queen

$150,000 for Launch Greensboro

$165,000 for Gerard’s Green Garden

$25,000 for Glenwood Together

The City Council also approved allocating $6.4 million of the $8 million in ARP funds allocated for the Vance Chavis Nocho Community facility for the completion of the design development and construction documents.