The Greensboro City Council has increased the degree of difficulty for those who wish to speak to them.

Up until this year, people could attend any regular City Council meeting and speak their mind. But the City Council now limits speakers to the first meeting of the month, unless they are speaking on a specific agenda item.

And the City Council keeps moving the both the location and the day of the meeting.

In July, the City Council met at the Barber Park Event Center on Monday, July 8.  First Tuesday, second Monday, it all is apparently the same.

In August, the public hearing meeting, colloquially known as “the yell-fest,” will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 5 at the Union Square Campus, 124 East Gate City Blvd.

The only item on the agenda other than public speakers is a city staff update about District 2 because the Union Square Campus is in District 2.

In the past, the City Council discussed issues in depth at City Council work sessions held in the Plaza Level Conference Room, but there are no work sessions scheduled for the remainder of the year.