The Greensboro City Council is meeting to continue the process of hiring a new city manager on Monday, Nov. 29 at 9 a.m.

Since the meeting is to consider a personnel matter, other than the opening of the meeting and the motion to go into closed session and adjournment, the meeting will be in closed session.

There isn’t much to watch, but according to Greensboro City Clerk Angela Lord, the brief portions of the meeting that are open will be broadcast on the Greensboro Television Network (GTN) and on the city’s website at htps://

The notices about this meeting are somewhat confusing.  The official notice of the meeting lists no location for the meeting and the press release announcing the meeting states that it will be “virtual.”

However, Lord stated in an email that the open portion of the meeting would be in the Katie Dorsett Council Chamber.

The City Council has been meeting in closed sessions to consider the applicants for the job of city manager since Oct. 25.  The meetings that have been virtual have had the opening and closing of the meeting broadcast live and the videos of the open portions of those meetings, which total about two minutes, are available on the city’s webpage.

However, the City Council also held meetings on Tuesday, Nov. 9 and Thursday, Nov. 11 at the Sheraton Hotel on Gate City Boulevard to interview candidates for the job and for those off-site meetings the open portion of the meeting was not broadcast live and the videos are not available on the website.  However, audio recordings of the open portions of those meetings are available from the city clerk’s office.

Former City Manager David Parrish resigned after three years in that position effective June 30.  The City Council hired a firm to facilitate and national search and when the number of applicants had been narrowed to a manageable level, began its own process of evaluating applicants on Oct. 25.

Mayor Nancy Vaughan said that because of the difficulty of scheduling meetings during the holidays, it was hard to predict when an announcement would be made concerning the hiring of a new city manager.