The Greensboro City Council will consider a number of funding requests for housing the homeless population in the city during the winter at the Tuesday, Nov. 15 meeting in the Katie Dorsett Council Chamber beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Two new projects that were discussed by the City Council in October are on the agenda for additional funding.  In October the City Council voted to spend $535,000 to purchase 40 pallet shelters for the Doorway Project.  The pallet shelters are 8 feet by 8 feet providing 64 square feet of living space for two people.  The shelters are heated and air-conditioned but have no plumbing.  According to Housing and Neighborhood Development Director Michelle Kennedy, two-bathroom facilities each with two showers, two sinks and two toilets at a cost of $100,000 each would be provided for the 40 pallet shelters.

The agenda for the Nov. 15 meeting lists $200,000 for the Doorway Project for a contract with the Interactive Resource Center (IRC) to provide “security/case/site management.” Kennedy, before accepting the job with the city, was the executive director of the IRC.  According to the agenda, the IRC was the only agency that submitted an application for the contract during the 10 days the application process was open.

At the October City Council meeting Kennedy said that the Doorway Project would need about a one quarter-acre lot for the 40 pallet shelters and bathroom facilities.

However, the City Council was not told where the pallet homes would be placed and as of last week still had not been told.

So far the cost of the Doorway Project to house 80 homeless people appears to be close to $1 million.  If the figures quoted at the October council meeting are correct that would be $535,000 to purchase the homes, $200,000 for bathroom facilities and $200,000 for security and case management for a total of $935,000.  That figure does not include any cost for the lease or purchase of the one quarter acre lot.

The agenda also includes $184,000 for “security/case/site management” for the Safe Parking project.  This is another contract with IRC to provide a secure parking lot for people who are living in their cars.  The location of this parking lot has not been announced.