The Greensboro City Council will hold the first business meeting of the new year on Tuesday, Jan. 16 beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Katie Dorsett Council Chamber.

The first City Council meeting of the new year on Jan. 2 was fairly raucous, with two controversial items on the agenda – the end of loose-leaf collection and a resolution concerning the conflict in Gaza – as well as the monthly public forum.

At the Jan. 16 meeting, the City Council gets down to business as usual, handing out money to fellow councilmembers, or, to be more precise, nonprofit organizations run by councilmembers.

There are no public hearings on zoning or annexation requests, which with the current housing shortage in Greensboro is not good news.

However, the City Council is expected to approve three $300,000 three-year contracts with nonprofits for the Community Violence Intervention and Interruption Project.

One contract for $300,000 is with One Step Further “for the Community Violence Intervention and Interruption Project (CVIIP).”

The executive director of One Step Further is At-large City Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson.

Since 2019, One Step Further has run the Cure Violence program for the City of Greensboro, called Gate City Coalition. Johnson was on the committee that recommended that One Step Further receive the contract to establish a Cure Violence-type program in Greensboro.

According to the agenda, One Step Further will work with the city’s new Office of Community Safety and, in particular, with the violence prevention coordinator in that office.

The City Council is also expected to approve a second three-year, $300,000 contract with the nonprofit Unifour One for the same Community Violence Intervention and Interruption Project.

According to Unifour One’s website, “Unifour One is a non-profit, non-partisan, advocacy and education organization headquartered in Greensboro, NC.”

There is no mention on the website of crime intervention and interruption, but the Unifour One Facebook page does have posts about registering to vote.

The final $300,000 contract on the City Council agenda for approval is with AWOL Outreach Inc., also for the Community Violence Intervention and Interruption Project.

The website for AWOL Outreach lists three programs education, family and networking. Under the heading “Our Programs” there is no mention of crime intervention and interruption.