A resolution stating the Greensboro City Council’s opposition to an 800-acre solar farm has been added to the agenda for the Tuesday, June 15 meeting.

The City Council often expresses support for green initiatives such as renewable energy, but in this case Mayor Nancy Vaughan said the City Council didn’t see a solar farm as the “highest and best use of the land.”

The resolution has been added to the City Council agenda because the Guilford County Planning Board has a special meeting scheduled for Monday, June 21 to consider a special-use permit to allow the development of the proposed solar farm west of Mount Hope Church Road and south of McConnell Road.

Vaughan said that while this area is outside the city limits and therefore outside the jurisdiction of the City Council, the area did have city water and sewer available and was in the future growth plans for the city.

Vaughan said, “To be able to assemble 800 acres is huge and we’d like to see it put to a better use – either industrial or housing.”

Vaughan said that she had sent councilmembers information on the solar farm being considered by the Guilford County Planning Board but decided that a formal resolution would be better and it was added to agenda.

Vaughan said, “We all want alternative forms of energy but there have got to be better places.”

The location east of the Greensboro City limits is in a rapidly developing area not too far from where the new Publix distribution center is under construction.

Vaughan said that while the solar farm would produce energy, it wouldn’t produce many jobs or have much effect on the property tax base.  She also noted that currently Greensboro had about a 10-day supply of housing and this was in an area that has seen a lot of residential development.

Vaughan said the purpose of the resolution was “to make sure that the county board is aware that we would be grateful to have this land inside the city limits at some point.”