The Greensboro City Council honored two North Carolina A&T State University athletes for Olympic medals at the Tuesday, Oct. 5 meeting.

The resolution – sponsored by City Councilmembers Sharon Hightower and Yvonne Johnson and passed unanimously by the City Council – states, “Track and Field teammates Trevor Stewart and Randolph Ross, Jr. became NC A&T’s first Olympic gold medalists in the men’s 4×400-meter relay in Tokyo, Japan.”

The resolution also states, “The men’s team posted the fastest time in both preliminary heats with a time of two minutes and fifty-seven seconds; recorded as the fastest preliminary heat in Olympic history.”

The resolution notes that this marked the first time two NC A&T SU athletes competed on the same team at an Olympic event.

It also states, “Trevor Stewart was also the first Aggie to earn an Olympic medal for the United States, securing bronze in the inaugural mixed 4×400-meter relay; and became the first athlete from a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) to medal in the 2021 Summer Olympics.”

The resolution concludes, “NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GREENSBORO: That it hereby recognizes Trevor Stewart and Randolph Ross, Jr. of the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Track and Field Men’s team for their successes in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics; and for representing NC A&T State University, the City of Greensboro, the State of North Carolina, and the United States of America with their historic accomplishments.”

Ross spoke virtually at the meeting and said, “I do want to thank everybody in the Greensboro area and you at the meeting as well for all the support and we will continue to do our best to represent the country, North Carolina A&T as well as the City of Greensboro.”

Mayor Nancy Vaughan said, “We want to congratulate you for your great run, no pun intended, and welcome back.  We’ll be happy to see in the city and I’ll just say #AggiesDo.”

Hightower said, “It’s my honor to recognize you for all the great work you do and the way you represent out community.  We are so proud of you.”