The Greensboro City Council settled on a $135 million bond referendum at the Monday, June 7 work session.

The plan is to put the bonds on the ballot at the same time as the City Council election.

The question that nobody knows the answer to yet is when that City Council election will be held.  It appears the City Council election will be delayed until March, but the legislature hasn’t made a final decision.

But the City Council has agreed that whenever that election is held bonds totaling $135 million will be on the ballot.

Councilmember Justin Outling was alone in speaking against going ahead with the plan to put $135 million in bonds on the ballot.  Outling said, “We should determine what to do with the ARP [American Rescue Plan] money first.”

Outling said that the $59.4 million in ARP money gave the city “a ton of flexibility.”

What the City Council determined at the June 7 work session was the totals for the different bonds that make up the package but will be voted on separately.

The lion’s share of this bond package is listed as $70 million for Community Services and Parks and Recreation with $50 million of that going to the Windsor-Chavis-Nacho park joint facility, which is combination of the Windsor Recreation Center and the Vance Chavis Library across the street.

Councilmember Sharon Hightower said, “I’d prefer see $80 million.”

Mayor Nancy Vaughan said that Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston had said the county would like to participate and that she thought they could raise the additional funding needed from other sources.

The other $10 million of that bond is slated to go for the Battleground Parks District.

The bond package will also include $30 million for housing and community development, $15 million for transportation and $20 million for public safety.

The public safety bond will be further broken down so there will be a bond for the Fire Department to renovate and build fire stations and a separate bond for the Police Department to finish the police headquarters building and purchase a new CAD dispatch and record management system.

Assistant City Manager Larry Davis said the city had recently been informed that the public safety bond would have to be divided into two bonds and he did not have the figures on how that would be broken down, but the total for those two bonds will be $20 million.