For most people, Christmas is a time to think about family, candy canes, presents and sugar plums.

However, county tax officials have their minds on something else completely – making sure everyone lists their taxable possessions so the county gets all the money it has coming to it.

Here’s the Tax Department’s holiday reminder. Every person and business in Guilford County is required by state law to list taxable items before the clock strikes midnight on January 31, 2022.  That goes for any personal property owned on January 1, 2022.

Owners are required to list any additions or improvements to their homes or businesses – as well as any “deletions” made to real property during 2021.

For example additions of, “Aluminum or vinyl siding, central heat and/or air conditioning, storage buildings or detached garages and swimming pools” have to be listed with the Tax Department.

Online and downloadable listings can be submitted in person, by mail, or, in the case of listings of property used for business purposes, electronically through the department’s online listing system.

Items like boats, other water vehicles, mobile homes, unregistered motor vehicles, aircraft and any property used in connection with a business need to be listed.

Some things are already listed for you.  Vehicles that are licensed annually in North Carolina don’t need to be listed on the personal property forms.  Property taxes for these vehicles are paid when the license plate is acquired or renewed.  However, you do have to list vehicles you own that don’t have a current North Carolina license plate.

You should receive a listing form by mid-January.  If you don’t, contact the Guilford County Tax Department in time to get your list in to them.

Listings submitted in person or postmarked after January 31 will cost you more because the department will hit you with a penalty. Also, business listings submitted electronically after May 16, 2022 will be subject to a penalty.

The department offers the following Christmas warning: “Unlisted property will be subject to discovery and penalty.”

There are some other dates to keep in mind as well.  The deadline for submission of applications for tax relief is June 1, 2022. There may be some options for those in need, such as elderly homeowners with low incomes, the permanently disabled, and honorably discharged veterans who need help.

If you need assistance, you can visit for more information.