Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen is once again united with his stolen SUV.  It was discovered and returned to him in one piece late last week.

On Monday, Nov. 17, at roughly 3:30 a.m., Thigpen’s silver Kia Sportage was stolen from his driveway at his northwest Greensboro home.

Thigpen had a grainy picture of the thief from a security camera, and he posted it on his popular Facebook page and asked everyone to keep an eye out for the vehicle.

 The culprit also got away with a set of golf clubs that was in the SUV.

The SUV was found Friday, Dec. 3 parked at an apartment complex near Western Guilford High School.  Several other stolen cars were also parked nearby and recovered.

The Register of Deeds said his SUV was in pretty good shape considering.

“They pulled the mirror off of the windshield and cracked it,” he said. “My right headlight is busted.  But, surprisingly, nothing in my car was actually stolen.”

Clearly, the thief, and perhaps some of his friends, did some joyriding in the vehicle. And not only did they not steal anything, they even left some things behind.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” Thigpen said, “when I opened up my car there was a pair of Air Jordan’s I’d never seen along with a three-fourths smoked joint,”  he said, adding that police had not recovered the weed.

Thigpen, as could be expected, claims the joint was left by the culprit and was not in the SUV before it was stolen.

“Maybe they left that as an apology,” Thigpen joked.

Thigpen did not say what had become of the unsmoked reefer.