President Dismantling What Makes America Great

Dear Editor,

Major foreign powers around the world, some of whom have a long standing hate for us, are watching this country. Specifically they are watching the actions and listening to the words of the man that unfortunately is the current leader (in name only) of this country as he has been systematically dismantling everything that has made America the place people desire to live. A country where an unknown number of patriots have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure our right to live free.

Since the early ’70s we have had the unique creature of a purely voluntary military. Everyone there is there because they want to be. I, like many others, did it for 20 years and have no regrets. But now the Biden regime is using the panic of COVID-19 to begin to gut the one thing standing between us and the enemies at the gate. He, through his lackeys, has begun forcing out unvaccinated people that have tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of the lack of hard scientific proof that such actions are necessary. From the Washington Post, “The Oklahoma National Guard’s commanding general Wednesday defended his directive countermanding federal requirements that all U.S. military personnel be vaccinated against the coronavirus, telling troops in a private town hall event that he was following orders from the state’s Republican governor and meant no disrespect to his superiors at the Pentagon.”

Things are really starting to get interesting.

On another front, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson continues to not only bravely stand his ground on positions he believes in and makes that position known, he jumps right back when attacked in snarky and condescending ways by other politicians. For example, from the social media page of Deb Butler, a Democrat from the NC State House District 18: “When you know you are a fraud, you sweat like a pig. I ain’t never had to give a speech holding a sweat rag.”

We know if roles were reversed, Democrat/liberals would be rabidly screaming for Mark’s head, but because of the “D” in her title she will not only be given a pass for the implied racist portion of her statement, it’ll be defended by her supporters.

I don’t want to fear monger, but I believe the next two election cycles, off presidential and presidential, will determine the future and fate of this great country.

Carpe diem, ya’ll!

Alan Marshall