Thomasville-based Old Dominion Freight Line announced on Monday, Aug. 3 the addition of nine service centers in new and existing markets. The move is in stark contrast to the conduct of many businesses that have been scaling back or even closing down during the coronavirus pandemic.

But even in a pandemic, products and supplies must get to customers.

The new facilities are in Butte, Montana; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Conroe, Texas; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Lafayette, Indiana; LaGrange, Georgia; Rochester, New York; Rock Island, Illinois; and University Park, Illinois

A spokesman for Old Dominion wrote in an email that the nine new and renovated service centers “are strategically placed for operational efficiency and designed with innovative technology. The Company’s investment in each market will support capacity needs, improve shipping time, and enhance delivery flexibility.”

According to company officials, Old Dominion tries to future-proof its service centers by building them to handle more traffic and house additional employees as demand for services increases.

Chip Overbey, the senior vice president of strategic planning for Old Dominion, stated in an August 3 press release announcing the expansion that the company wanted to continue to grow throughout the country despite the current national crisis.

“Even during an unprecedented time, we will continue to invest in our network and look for additional ways to improve our operations,” Overbey said. “Our goal is to build capacity to win market share, while shortening response time and transit times. Our investments align with our long-term strategic plan of investing in our business.”

Old Dominion provides a number of services including expedited transportation of goods, container management, truckload brokerage and supply chain consulting.

Trucking has proven to be one of those industries that is doing well during the COVID-10 pandemic. Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson, who runs a trucking company, said recently that his business had been very strong this year despite the disease.