Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mark Robinson gave an inspiring, no holds barred speech at the Protest for America rally in downtown Greensboro on July 4.

The 6th Congressional District North Carolina GOP sponsored the event, which began at 10 a.m. and attracted about 150 people. After the program got started, the blazing heat drove people off the steps and into the shade. Although there were many good speakers, they saved the best for last, and that was Robinson.

Robinson began by saying, “I thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. The reason we are here, the reason why this flag flies, the reason that we are free, the reason why we are blessed is because we put him first.”

Then he talked about the founding fathers and said, “I’m not here because I’m running for lieutenant governor. I’m not here because I am Mark Robinson and I gave a speech that went viral right over there in city hall. I’m here because in 1776 on July 4, they declared their independence from Great Britain and they were risking their lives. If the revolution had failed those men would have been hauled back to England and beheaded by the king for treason.”

He continued, “Here it is 2020 and today we need to reaffirm our independence. On this day we need to reaffirm our independence to the man in Raleigh, the villain of Raleigh who is supposed to represent the people of North Carolina but as it turns out only represents himself and his own interests and his own political interests. We need to tell him that that the spirit of 1776 is at our backs and we will not take him as a king just like we would not take King George as king.

“Our freedom comes from the Almighty, not Roy Cooper or any other man on this earth can take it.”

Robinson said, “We need to declare our independence to the people who came down here to this downtown and tried to destroy this city because they want to see socialism reign.”

Robinson talked about the many failures of socialism throughout the world. He said that many times the country had fought and defeated foreign enemies, but this time the enemy was inside our lines.

He said, “The solution is political and we can handle it politically and we intend to handle it politically, but don’t think I’m intimidated one little bit.”

He said that the fight today was for future generations to ensure they had the freedom that we enjoy.

Robinson said, “We’ve got to start telling the truth. We don’t need police reform. We need community reform. We need family reform.”

He said, “It is up to us to not be afraid to fight for the freedom and security of future generations.”

Robinson said that the most important thing to do this fall to ensure our future as a free people was to reelect President Donald Trump, and the second most important thing was to elect Dan Forest as governor.

And he said, “Now I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but number three is elect Mark Robinson lieutenant governor.