At almost exactly 9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 24, a man with a tote bag stuffed full of goods that he didn’t pay for bolted out of the Walgreens at 300 E. Cornwallis Dr. in Greensboro and quickly drove away, leaving the staff at the store rattled and irate. 

The robber – a black male in a red jacket – entered the store with a large tote bag in hand, walked straight to the personal hygiene section in the back of the store and stuffed the bag full of body wash, related products and other items.

The thief made his getaway quickly before employees could stop him on what otherwise was a quiet and uneventful Friday night.  

In the age of COVID-19, when everyone in a store is wearing a mask, it’s more difficult to identify people who grab merchandise and run. However, one cashier at the store said that she saw enough to know that the thief was a customer who had been there before.  She said she remembered ringing up the man in the past. 

One Walgreens’ employee stated that the robber had taken body wash among other items – though, Friday night, store employees weren’t exactly sure what other products were stolen.  

Based on the size of the bag he was carrying, the robber got away with quite a few things. He exited the store with a bag that appeared stuffed. 

The man was acted as his own getaway driver; he entered the car on the driver’s side before the car’s quick exit.

 It is not clear whether store security cameras will provide enough information to identify the man or the car.

The Walgreens is close to the intersection of Cornwallis and North Elm Street, across Cornwallis from Golden Gate Shopping Center.  In recent years, there have been quite a few criminal incidents in that area.