After spending a year and a half at home, many people want to get out and party. However, a lot of area residents will still want good books to read; and Greensboro’s Beth David Synagogue – which has been putting on a used book sale for almost two decades –  is once again seeing to it that local residents have access to books at great prices.

Beth David Synagogue, at 804 Winview Dr., has held a book sale for the past 17 years, and, this year, the synagogue will put on the sale from Sunday, August 22  until Tuesday, August 24.  

There should be a lot of good books at area used book sales this year since many people did a lot of reading during the pandemic and will no doubt be donating books now that they can leave the house and now that fundraising book sales are back in business.

The High Point Public Library held a fund-raiser sale of many of its used books in late June. 

Meanwhile, in Greensboro, the large book sale that used to be held once a year at St. Francis Episcopal Church on Lawndale Drive is still on hold.  That church hasn’t even been accepting book donations during the pandemic.

The next sale at the church will be the 62nd one.

St Francis’ website states that “As COVID vaccines roll out, and infection numbers continue to decrease, we are looking ahead to a potential Book Sale in spring 2022.”