Subverting Military From Within

Dear Editor,

After seeing and hearing the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs attempting to warrant just cause for indoctrination of critical race theory in the military with more lies and deceit in support of the Marxist/communist “woke revolution,” I wonder what the “Greatest Generation” is thinking. Specifically, the Band of Brothers who, like the chairman, wore the Screaming Eagle, emblem of the richly historical 101st Airborne Division.

I find it very difficult to accept that this general belongs in the same brotherhood that have gone before to distinguish themselves in so many previous conflicts across the globe in an ongoing effort to maintain the freedoms that every American is blessed to enjoy every day.

Our greatest geopolitical adversaries are salivating over the prospect of the deterioration and subsequent downfall of our democratic republic, and the weakening of our military from within is a gift for those regimes and will damage our freedoms far more than the recent pandemic.  I hope that everyone has seen the recent videos of the Chinese Communist Party’s robotic, regimented observance of 100 years in power and compare it with Americas 245 years of formation of a “more perfect union” and celebrations of our freedoms.  God bless America! 

James Simmonds