In an age when there’s a constant stream of vicious political attacks being launched back and forth between Republican and Democratic candidates across the country, it’s nice to see at least one race is just as friendly and Mayberryish as can be.

Make no mistake about it: The politics of former Republican Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson and current Democratic Commissioner Kay Cashion are as different as night and day. However, as the two both vie for the only at-large seat on the Board of Commissioners, they still get along swimmingly.

In an interesting moment during a break in the Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15 (pictured above), Branson went up to the dais where he and Cashion had an apparently very delightful conversation with a lot of smiling to boot.

Branson had attended the meeting to speak on several issues and, during the break, he went up to Cashion and the two political rivals had their tete-a-tete.

When the Rhino Times asked Branson what the cozy conversation was about, he said he couldn’t say.

Cashion later also provided no details on the subject matter, but she said no one should be surprised that the two get along.

“Oh, we’re friends,” she said, smiling.

Before Branson jumped into the race as a Republican candidate hoping to remove Cashion from her at-large seat on the board, Branson called her and let her know he was entering the race.  He said then as he says now that he has no personal issue with Cashion  – he just thinks the county is run better when conservatives like him are calling the shots rather than the Democrats.